capNsub offers an additional way to receive translated subtitles.
The original translation can be done by any translation program or translation company.
The file with the completed translation can then be converted into a format suitable for any broadcast system,
any editing system or any other form of translation file.

Using the conversion service allows for complete compatibility between the translated file
and the various broadcasting and editing systems.
Conversions are done between all formats in accordance with the client’s needs.
Supported formats include: Avid, Final Cut, Premire, Pac, Cavena, Word, SRT, and various DVD formats.

Convert to and from Avid

In order to convert Avid format translated files into another format,
you must create a new sequence with only one subtitle channel.
The sequence must be saved in a new BIN with the name "sub to convert".
The Bin must be saved and sent as a compressed RAR file.

Convert to and from Final Cut

In order to convert a Final Cut format translated file into another format,
you must create a separate channel for the subtitles and export it as an XML file.

Convert to Premiere

In order to convert to Premiere,
send us your subtitle file.


We can produce any type of subtitle file needed for DVD systems like Adobe Encore, TMPEG and more.
Send us the name of the DVD authoring system and the type of file needed, and we will send you the appropriate file.

Convert to and from Cavena, Screen

Convert all formats to Cavena (.890) or Screen (.pac) for broadcasting systems.

In order to get a price quote for conversions, please contact us.