capNsub has developed a unique method that makes the process of subtitling more efficient and simple.

Use of private library

Use of the site is private and secured.
You can upload new films for translation into your library or watch films whose translation has already been completed.
Each video is updated as to its present work status.
The library, which serves also as your online archive, is available anytime, anywhere.

Easy subtitle ordering

The subtitle ordering interface allows you to upload WMV files and order subtitles in a range of languages.
We provide you with a price quote based on the film’s characteristics and the languages desired.
Once the quote is approved, expert translators begin the translation process.
You are billed after you have given final approval for the subtitles.

Online viewing of films with subtitles

Final approval of subtitles is facilitated by viewing the film with subtitles online, directly from the site.
Viewing is in real time with no need to download files to your computer.
Different users can view the film simultaneously and make comments.
The film is viewed using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology.

Real time subtitle editing

While watching the film, you can edit the titles.
You can change the content or the timing. You can add or delete titles.
Each change is saved instantly and automatically by the system.
A changed or deleted title is displayed in a different color.
You can move between the changes made and even return to the original configuration of each title.
Title timing is frame accurate and viewing is in real time so that you immediately see what the final result will look like.

Exporting files to a professional broadcast and editing system

After you have given final approval for the subtitles, a time-coded file can be downloaded in a variety of formats:
AVB - Suitable for Avid editing systems.
XML - Suitable for Final Cut editing systems.
Screen - This is a PAC file suitable for Screen translation and broadcasting systems.
Cavena - This is an 890 file suitable for Cavena translation and broadcasting systems.
SRT - This is a subtitle file that enables the viewing of films on a personal computer and the editing of the subtitles using a public domain translating program.
Word - This is a text file that contains data regarding timing and content.